conv gan with pytorch

music export


linux mimetypes

spotify's api

writing code for spotify's web api

symbolic logic in common lisp

using the symbolic capabilities of lisp to write inference engines and more

common lisp utils

a collection of utility functions for common lisp


working with graphs in common lisp

dictionary in emacs

connect to remote common lisp repl with sly/slime

cuda programming in common lisp


linearly mapping an interval onto another

inferring a transformation matrix for linear interpolation

2d transformations

2d transformations for low-level computer graphics

maxima in lisp

how to use maxima code in common lisp

feedforward neural network

studying and building neural networks from scratch

trees in common lisp

working with tree structures in common lisp

decision tree

decision trees math and implementation in common lisp

common lisp


encrypting files with gpg

data structures

college course in data structures and algorithms


my notes on integral calculus